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  • Date: Tue, 8 Nov 2005 09:59:45 -0500

Since you have had these problems since the installation of the product I would 
call your tech back to do his thing.  Why should you be stuck with an inferior 
product installed with shoddy workmanship?  Judith
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  Subject: A unique JAWS problem

  Hay list!
   Hear are the details of the strange problem that I am still encountering 
with JAWS. You might find it quite strange, but I say that JAWS has gone 
literally crazy.
  What should JAWS say when you use alt+ tab? Announce the current application 
on the focus. Right. What is JAWS?s duty when you press alt?
   Obviously, announce the menu title, and announce the submenu items of a 
particular items of the particular menu, and announce the next menu item ones 
you use your right arrow keys.
   Right then! Why is it failing to simply perform such simple functions on my 
comp? Do any of you have an answer to this?
   I am using JAWS version 6.2 with windows XP version 2002, and I still face 
this problem right from the installation time, to this day. I?ve also tried my 
hand in modifying and reinstalling JAWS, refreshing the screen, changing the 
display settings, and all that my friends have told me.
   But the issue is the same! Nothing is working at all! I had posted the same 
problem a couple of days back with the help of my friend, and one of the 
members of the list, Fayaz Pasha?s help, and he did forward me a few responses. 
But, these suggestions too aren?t working for me. May I ask the listers to 
guide me in this regard?
   Any suggestion, advice, tip, or guidance to solve this problem will be whole 
heartedly appreciated
   Thanks and regards

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