Re: A question about Skype and recording

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  • Date: Wed, 9 Mar 2011 20:43:58 -0800

I'm not sure about later operating systems, but in Windows XP you need to make 
a change in the Volume Control Utility.  
1. Open up the volume control, usually found in your system tray.  
2. Press alt plus P for the Options menu.
3. Press R for Properties.
4. Tab to the radio buttons for Playback and Record.
5. Arrow to the Record button and press Enter.
6. This should put you on the Record page where only one input can be selected. 
 Arrow to the select box for Stereo Mix and press Spacebar to select it.  
Sometimes Stereo Mix is called What You Hear.  If this is the case, then select 

Once Stereo Mix is selected you will record everything you hear from your 
speakers or headphones, including Jaws.

You can leave this page open, because you will probably want to select the 
microphone again once you're done recording.

Hope this helps,


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  Subject: A question about Skype and recording

  Hello, I have a question about Skype and recording.

  Of course this issue is not related about Jaws but please help me.

  I want to record Skype conference.

  I know recording program but I doní»t know the method that record sound from 
my microphone and speaker simultaneously.

  In other words, I want to make recording file that not only my voice but also 
companion voice.

  So could you tell me the method?

  Thank you very much.

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