Re: A question about Jaws with Sonar.

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Sorry to be resurrecting a fairly old topic, but I only just noticed this, anI 
am also interested in this.  In my experience there is no way for a blind 
person to "perfectly" use a sound editor as there are simply operations that 
can't be done as quickly and efficiently without being able to see wave forms, 
meters and so on. It would help a little bit if you could take advantage of a 
braille display, but only so much. In any case, I'm curious to try Sonar 
because of the script functionality. Are the JSonar scripts well done? They are 
free....I have heard that there are other scripts designed by someone that you 
can pay this so, or am I getting confused with soundforge or some other 
Also, from what I have seen there are several versions of sonar available. 
Which one are the scripts designed for, exactly?

Thanks a lot...

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  I'm currently running Sonar Producer 7 and JFW 7 with the free JSonar scripts.


  You can use Sonar 8.X with later versions of JFW and the updated JSonar 
scripts as well, and it should work just fine.





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  Subject: A question about Jaws with Sonar.


  Hello, I have two questions about Sonar and Jaws.

  1.     As far as I know, it is possible that blind person can use Sonar with 
Jaws. By the way is it possible use equalizer function in Sonar with Jaws? In 
other words, can I use Sonar perfectly with Jaws?

  2.     In order to use Sonar perfectly, can I use Jaws 11 also or only 12? 
Please reply to me. Thank you. 


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