Re: A question about Jaws with Sonar.

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  • Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2011 09:23:42 -0800


There are two solution to using Sonar with JAWS.

JSonar scripts that are free
Caketalking scripts from Dancing Dots

Join the MIDI Mag list to get good advice on your question:

You should also visit the web site:

They have a list of users and you can sign up there.

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  Subject: A question about Jaws with Sonar.

  Hello, I have two questions about Sonar and Jaws.

  1.     As far as I know, it is possible that blind person can use Sonar with 
Jaws. By the way is it possible use equalizer function in Sonar with Jaws? In 
other words, can I use Sonar perfectly with Jaws?

  2.     In order to use Sonar perfectly, can I use Jaws 11 also or only 12? 
Please reply to me. Thank you. 

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