Re: A convenient alternative to Alt Tab

  • From: "Yardbird" <yardbird@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 13 May 2007 18:14:42 -0700


you say:
Yes it (pressing the arrow keys, left or right) does but pressing windows 
tab keeps your fingers on home row.

Jim, I've been typing since I was something like 13 years old, and sure, 
having to type without being able to see the keyboard has involved some 
different considerations and techniques. But using the left and right arrow 
keys doesn't make it hard for me to put my fingers right back on the home 
row if I want to. I don't get why you say that. Plus (formerly known as 
"besides which") I just put my fingers on the right Windows key and the tab 
key, and I can't imagine how that helps keep you on the home row. Seriously? 
Anyway, neither of these matter, compared to the pretty strenuous 
contortions wit would require for me to do all this with my left hand only, 
but I guess that's the disability power user's method or something.

and the other thing was just forgetfulness: I know perfectly well that 
pressing the tab key in that environment will cycle you around the elements 
on the Desktop screen. I just wasn't thinking.
Now to try the ultimate power user's method, hitting the right Windows key 
with a mouth straw while pressing the tab key with the left big toe. Push 
everything to its limits, I always say. :-)

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