A convenient alternative to Alt Tab

  • From: "Yardbird" <yardbird@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 13 May 2007 15:32:42 -0700

I just accidentally discovered a very convenient Windows keyboard way to 
circulate among your running applications besides Alt-tabbing from one to 
the other. Not that I mind doing that so terribly, but this is pretty slick: 
Just press Windows key plus tab. That's the right Windows key, of course. 
What this does is land you immediately in your task bar, which is where a 
sighted user would be clicking on the icons that represent open 

Now, I know I can get to the Task Bar by going to the Desktop with Windows M 
or Windows D, and then tabbing around from Desktop to start menu to system 
tray and so forth until I land in the Task Bar. But when I thought that was 
my only alternative to repeatedly pressing alt tab, I passed on it.

But with this, you just press right Windows key plus tab, and you're on the 
first icon in your Task Bar representing one of your open apps. From there, 
if you don't want to click on and restore that one, you just go back and 
forth with your arrow keys until you find the icon you do want to restore, 
and there you go.

I know, this is 1. off topic, except that you wouldn't have to explore and 
discover such things if you didn't use a screen reader, of course and, 2. 
everybody probably knows it, already, and my blundering into it when I'd 
meant to press alt tab makes me the last one to know.

In any case, if this is helpful to someone, great. Just sharing, as we say.

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