Re: A JAWS question for outlook express

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  • Date: Sat, 15 Aug 2009 16:57:20 -0700

Hi Steve,

I use a program named Email Stripper whenever I get Emails that say that 
cell crap.  What I do is copy the Email and paste it to the clipboard, then 
paste into the Email Stripper program and the program cleans out all the 
HTML stuff, but if there is a link in there the link will still work for the 
people you send the Email to.  I have included a direct download link for 
the program below.

Hope this helps.  Take care.

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  I had this problem in the past, but not with recent versions of JAWS. If I 
remember correctly, maximizing the message window eliminated it. A nuisance, 
yes. Just in case, to maximize, you press alt-space together, release the 
keys, then press x. Make sure you're in the edit field.
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  Subject: A JAWS question for outlook express

  Hi friends; From JAWS 9 up, I've been having this problem. Each time I 
reply or forward certain messages, I can't seem to edit the message since I 
keep hearing cell this and cell that. Not sure if I've explained this 
problem adequately, but would appreciate if any one could tell me what to do 
to be able to edit all messages instead of some of them. I've never had this 
issue in JAWS 7 and I tried everything that I know of with no success. 
Obviously, I was not doing the correct thing and worse yet not sure what to 
do, so hope some knowledgeable person here understands my question and could 
kindly offer some assistance with respect to this request. Remember, seven 
days WITHOUT GOD... Makes one weak!!! Steve Boodram.

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