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Even I don't understand half of what 64 bit does for me. All I know is that
my Windows 7 64 bit installation runs a snap. I have 4GB of RAM so can take
advantage of 64 bit. But that's all I know! So I'm proud of you there Joseph

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Well, memory isn't the only one.

As many people have said, 64-bit means that we can use more than 4 GB of RAM
on a computer. Currently, the CPU family of today supports up to one
terabyte (40-bit) of memory (well, the designers at AMD, the originator of
modern 64-bit in the form of X64 thought that 1 TB is sufficient for now).

As for security, there is a new feature on the 64-bit called "Execute
Disable." This means that a portion of memory that is set to "read-only"
cannot be run by a code (sorry, somewhat hard to explain this concept).

There are other enhancements besides these two.

As for compatibility of 64-bit with JAWS, you cannot run a 32-bit version of
JAWS on a 64-bit computer. This is because the 64-bit computers (more
specifically, thye operating system) uses different driver model. So, a
32-bit version of JAWS with a 32-bit drivers on a 64-bit driver model will
not take advantage of newer features of 64-bit machines. Nor using 64-bit
version of JAWS on a 32-bit model.

Well, 64-bit and 32-bit is somewhat hard to explain in plain language. This
is as so far as I can go. Sorry if some of the materials were hard to


Joseph P.S. Good thing that I am majoring in computer science instead of
computer engineering.


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Hello everyone, I just wanted to know what is the difference between a 32bit
computer and a 64bit one? I heard this on the what's new pordcast of jaws 11
and I looked on the internet but I didn't understand what it ment. Is it
something to do with memory or something? A plain simple expermation will be
greatful! However I don't mind if some of you want to get a little
technical. Just give me the simple basic differences before launching into
technical details about the two different numbers!

Many Thanks 


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