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Messageheya Jim,

We all thank you very much for your great knowledge and helping us less 
technical minded folks but please don't get testie or frustrated here as you 
will always come across new listers with similar questions. I was gonna write 
something the other day when you blasted us all for the problem someone was 
having with there Jaws 6 an 7 not working on there XP pro but thought I bite my 
tongue but after this one sorry I don't like the tone you use at all!!!

have a good day

Jim from Oz

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  this question comes up so often I feel like it is a old friend.
  if you are going to use eloquence for the software speech then the answer is 
  just edit the jfw.ini file and add the line as follows 
  replace x in the above example with the number of the synthesizer entry. 
  replace soundcard with the name of your sound card.
  you can get the name of the sound card from the sounds and audio section of 
control panels.
  if you are using sapi 5 compatible device then the answer is yes!
  go to control panel select speech and choose the device you want to use from 
  now for dectalk access 32 users the answer is not with jaws.  sorry fs fall 
short on this one.  so you set dectalk access 32 to use the primary sound card 
and you would have to use winamp or another player that allows you to pick 
witch card you are going to use. wmp is not such a player tell you sorry!

  jim grimsby
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    I am going to do some dj-ing and currently have a notebook. I want to use 2 
sound cards one for the music and the other for my Jaws and everything else in 
       I am looking at the Sound Blaster Audigy 2 NX external for the 
       Can I have both sound cards set up to work at the same time in Windows 
Media Player, the Sound Blaster for my music and the notebook sound card for my 
       If so where and how do I set this up?


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