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Dear Bagrut English Teachers,

I want to try and answer the questions I have been asked about the Answer 
Booklet for the D and F literature modules. But first I want to explain why it 
was decided to have students answer in the Answer Booklet instead of the Exam 

Teachers' and testers' feedback after the winter exam was that for the 
literature modules there is not enough room for the students to answer and they 
start writing their answers in all different places.  So, in order to try and 
solve this problem and help the students, it was decided that would answer in 
an Answer Booklet.  When students answer their questions for other subjects, it 
is almost always in an Answer Booklet, so this is something the students are 
familiar with.

Here are some of the questions I have been asked, together with the answers.  I 
hope this will help you.

1. Where do we get the Answer Booklets?

The Testing Dept. sends them to the schools.  They are already at school.

2.  Will the paper be lined?

The paper is graph paper (like they use for math)

3.  Will there be numbers of the questions or can pupils answer in whatever 
order they like?

The Answer Booklet is blank.  Students need to write the number of the question 
and then the answer.  There is no need to copy the questions.  For 
multiple-choice questions, the students write the number of the question and 
then the number of the answer.  The students should answer according to the 
order they are in the Exam Booklet.

4.  Why weren't the schools notified about this decision earlier?

On March 3 the Testing Dept. sent out a hozer to schools, and in this hozer it 
was indicated that students wouldn't be answering in the Test Booklet for the 
literature modules.

5.  Do we send in both booklets?

No, only the Answer Booklet, that will have on it all the relevant stickers.

6.  Can the students take the Exam Booklet with them after the test?
No, it stays at school.

I hope I have answered all your questions.  If not, please write me and I will 
do my best to answer you.

I want to take this opportunity to wish you and your students lots of luck on 
Thursday.  I think of you all.

If you need to contact me on the day of the exam, I suggest you call my cell 
phone as the phones at the Ministry in Jerusalem are not working.  I hope by 
Thursday they will.  My phone number is 0506282273.

All the very best,

Good luck
Pat Talshir

Dr. Judy Steiner
Chief Inspector for English Language Education
Tel. 0506 282 273; Fax: 02 560 3596

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