Jerusalem Machoz Coordinators Fw: Meeting with U.S. Teacher of the Year 2015 - מפגש עם מורת השנה האמריקאית

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  • Date: Thu, 20 Aug 2015 14:42:03 +0000 (UTC)

  המרכז האמריקאי מזמין אתכם לקבל השראה לקראת השנה החדשה על כוס קפה ועוגה עם
זוכת פרס מורה השנה האמריקאי 2015 במפגשאינטימי ומרתק בנושא ללמד להצלחה בכתה
רב-תרבותית   שאנה פיפלס, מורה אמריקאית ותיקה, אשר קיבלה מהנשיא אובמה את הפרס
הגבוה ביותר למורים אמריקאים לשנת 2015 בתחום החינוך, מגיעה לישראל למפגש עם אנשי
חינוך ומורים ישראלים לשיחה על החינוך כשליחות. כפי שאחד מתלמידיה תיאר אותה,
"לשאנה יש יכולת פנימית עמוקה להבין את תלמידיה, את הסיפורים האישיים שלהם ואת
ההיסטוריה התרבותית ממנה הם מגיעים ולמנף את זה לטובת עבודה עם התלמידים וקידומם"
  יום שלישי | 1.9.15 | 17:00 | בשפה האנגלית | המרכז האמריקאי קרן היסוד 19
ירושלים להרשמה ולפרטים נוספים: ג'קי שטיין:steinjx@xxxxxxxxx| 02-5952679    
The American Center Jerusalem invites teachers and educators to celebrate the
new academic year in an inspiring discussion encounter with Shanna Peeples,
U.S. Teacher of the Year 2015   Please join us for her talk on “Teaching for
Success in the Multi-Cultural Classroom” an inspiring account of her work with
diverse communities in Palo Duro High School, Amarillo, Texas Place: The
American Center, 19 Keren Hayesod Street Date: Tuesday, September 1 Time: 5:00
p.m. RSVP: Jackie Stein:steinjx@xxxxxxxxx; 02-595-2679     From: Stein, Jackie
Sent: Thursday, August 20, 2015 2:00 PM
To: Harel, Shira
Subject: Shanna Peeples BIO + Conf Call TBC       Shanna Peeples, the 2015
USA National Teacher of the Year, believes in public education. “Public
schools,” she says, “are a stabilizing force in society and a fierce promoter
and protector of our democracy. They have given so many of us a vision of
ourselves and what we might become. They help us to find the most treasured
thing any of us have: personal meaning and our contribution to the common
good.”   Shanna is an English teacher at Palo Duro High School in Amarillo,
Texas where she teaches Advanced Placement students, English Language Learners
who speak a total of 27 languages, and struggling students in both day school
and the school’s evening credit recovery program. Viet Tran, one of her former
students, said of his teacher, “[Ms. Peeples] seems to have an innate ability
to understand where her students come from, their personal stories and cultural
history, and makes that a part of how she advocates for them.”   For half her
school day she is an instructional coach for literacy strategies. After regular
school hours, she teaches English and Speech in PDHS’s FLEX night school.
Peeples’ principal, Sandy Whitlow, says of Shanna: “She does not shy away from
challenges; she embraces them as an opportunity to grow and learn as a teacher,
illustrating that a great teacher is first and foremost a learner.”   A former
reporter for the Amarillo Globe-News, Shanna won awards for reporting on health
issues, schools, and music criticism. She continues to write professionally as
a blogger for the Huffington Post, and as a contributor to education
publications.   She earned a bachelor’s degree in English from West Texas A&M
University and earned a master’s degree in education from the University of
Texas at Arlington. She is a 2016 National Education Association Global
Learning Fellow, a member of the Global Teacher Prize Academy, recipient of the
Texas A&M University Outstanding Educator Award, and the Texas State Teachers
Association’s Instructional Advocacy Award.    

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