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A professional theatre company, The American Drama Group Europe (ADGE) will be 
touring Israel with a theatrical performance of THE WAVE from November 9-28, 
2014. ADG's production of THE WAVE was written with the express permission of 
the author and explores the complex and fascinating themes of the book in a 
dynamic and accessible piece of theater which stays true to the storyline of 
the text.  
A trailer for the play can be found on this link:    
This performance is not just for the bagrut students studying the text.  It is 
about using drama as a tool to excite students about learning English and it is 
also about getting students "turned on" to live drama.  
ADGE has been coming to Israel for six years, performing energetic productions 
of Shakespeare to student and adult audiences. As proven by the enthusiastic 
response of schools for their Shakespeare productions, the actors of ADGE have 
the professional skills to engage students in live English theater. Over 900 
students in Israel attended the February performances of Romeo  & Juliet from 
Zichron Yaacov to Beersheva.  In Zichron Yaacov, where over 350 students 
attended two performance of  Romeo & Juliet, the Ulpanit Ort from Tiveria and 
ORT Greenberg from Tivon both returned for their third consecutive year to 
Zichron,each with over 40 students. In Tel Aviv we had schools coming from 
Kiryat Shmona and Kfar Kanna to a special student matinee because the two 
performances in Zichron Yaacov had sold out a full month before the opening. If 
this is what ADGE can do with Shakespeare, how much more so for THE WAVE.  THE 
WAVE is a story which so many
 Israeli students already know from the movie or reading it in Hebrew, the 
actors are portraying kids their same age and the script was written for high 
school students in modern English - THE WAVE has already played to over 60.000 
students in Germany, Austria, Belgium and Holland.  
I am writing now about this November tour because I want to reach out to 
teachers before the end of the school year as they are considering texts and 
curriculum for September and because I am trying to plan  the schedule based on 
real demand, rather than my assumptions on demand.  Already I have had demand 
in the North for at least one full week.   
I look forward to hearing from you.  
Sincerely yours,  
Judy Kleinman 
American Drama Group  
More information on ADGE can be found in the following articles from the 
Jerusalem Post. The first article was a two-page special feature in the Friday 
edition "Magazine" and the second article was a review of Romeo & Juliet in 
I am also attaching an article about the Tel Aviv student matinee   

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