[jawsscripts] Re: the OCR feature in Jaws 13?

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  • Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2011 09:08:53 -0400

So Freedom Scientific finally got to using the old noggin for the first time 
since the copy full content script several years ago.  This is even better. 
I have not seen innovation like this in JAWS since Henter-Joyce was going it 
alone.  Freedom Scientific has once again captured our attention.  Only time 
will tell if they deserve it.

Tony Hernandez
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Subject: [jawsscripts] the OCR feature in Jaws 13?

> Absolutely Absolutely! Amen to all Chad indicates below!
> I agree with Chad 100 percent on this. I've been wanting something like 
> this
> for years and years and years! and have been bugging people as to why it
> couldn't be done before. I was always told the "signal to noise," re
> onScreen OCRing, was too difficult. But, I'm incredibly excited about the
> possibilities of this OCR feature also! Now, if they were to take this
> further, and run with it, and build in, a hotspotclicker like manager for
> attaching these OCRed click zones to keystrokes, to save us having to do 
> it
> in hsc, all the better! I really hope they do continue to run with this
> further, and allow people to define the screen Area to be OCRed manually 
> as
> an adendum to this. and/or maybe even have the ability to have jaws
> auto-mess with the color contrasts of the pixels if possible, to maybe 
> gain
> a sharper image to work with. I haven't tested it yet, but I'm jolly well
> looking forward to it!
> I can vaguely think of other accessible adendums tooI'd love to see with
> this, which I'm looking forward to talking to Jim and Andrew about re the
> hsc custom graphic pattern matching thing I've been wanting for ages also.
> yay!
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> From: "Chad Foster" <chad.foster@xxxxxxxxxx>
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> Sent: Saturday, September 17, 2011 6:11 AM
> Subject: [jawsscripts] Re: Jaws 13 OCR
>>I for one consider this to be one of the best features FS has
>> introduced in recent memory. I do think it's a game-changer. No longer
>> are we left in the dark when presented with an entirely graphical
>> window.
>> Even if you had the OCR tool built into Windows, which by the way, is
>> not really possible in a locked-down corporate world, you could not
>> map it to the on-screen elements for clicking as JAWS now permits.
>> Reading the text is only one angle of the problem - it's also mapping
>> that to UI elements that are on-screen.
>> I think the take-away from this is that we now have access to
>> information that was previously unavailable, with the ability to
>> interact with it, which was previously unthinkable.
>> On 9/16/11, Andre Williams <andre.williams.1965@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> That governmental use was probably the original intent of feature
>>> development but now its being touted as being developed for the rest of
>>> us.
>>> There are probably few jaws users out there that don't have the
>>> restrictions
>>> you've outlined when using jaws at home. In other words, just a handful
>>> of
>>> us have this corporate use limitation and can find similar solutions
>>> without
>>> it costing $190--the cost of my SMA.
>>> There is lots of free software out there including a utility built right
>>> into windows one can use that does not depend on printing and scanning a
>>> document to run this type of OCR, so the time consuming process of
>>> printing
>>> and scanning a 15 page document is not a valid comment.
>>> Jonathan also said that for the first time this feature allowed him to
>>> know
>>> the total of his monthly phone bill--in other words, isn't this feature
>>> the
>>> greatest thing ever. I'm pretty sure Jonathan is resourceful enough to
>>> click
>>> on a link on that web page and get the total for his phone bill. His
>>> words
>>> just come off to me as needlessly insincere and manipulative.
>>> Overall, I just don't see this feature as worthy of a hit on my SMA.
>>> A-W
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>>> From: "Doug Lee" <doug.lee@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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>>> Sent: Friday, September 16, 2011 12:38 PM
>>> Subject: [jawsscripts] Re: Jaws 13 OCR
>>> Wow... I can't address Jonathan Mosen's comments having failed to
>>> notice them for myself, but I for one think this feature will prove
>>> useful in some environments where it is impossible to access screen
>>> text by more direct means and also not permitted to install
>>> third-party software willy-nilly. This applies to a lot of corporate
>>> settings I've seen in my 11 years of scripting JAWS in work settings.
>>> Printing and recognizing a screen from paper, by the way, is so much
>>> slower than this, even if you have Matrix-speed agility (pun on movie
>>> and printer is intended there), that I simply don't recognize that
>>> approach as comparable in work settings such as I describe.  If a
>>> coworker asks you to read a 15-page PDF and it's all images, you could
>>> indeed do that, even though again this approach should be much faster;
>>> but if it's a question of reading and interacting with a graphic
>>> screen containing text that JAWS normally can't see, printing and
>>> scanning the screen will not let you find and actually click on the
>>> Next button.
>>> I confess, I'm accustomed to seeing the naysayers soon after any
>>> release of any software from a large-market-share company (that would
>>> apply to JAWS, Microsoft, and even Apple now); but this is one feature
>>> of JAWS that I actually thought would fly above all that.
>>> Disclaimer: I do not work for Freedom Scientific. I work for a
>>> company that works with various screen reader vendors and many
>>> government and private organizations to improve the ability of blind
>>> employees to do their jobs in the workplace. I have written more
>>> scripts for JAWS than for any other screen reader, but I have also
>>> scripted for Window-Eyes on a number of occasions and have contributed
>>> a small amount of code to NVDA (Skype related, that was).
>>> On Fri, Sep 16, 2011 at 12:23:54PM -0700, Andre Williams wrote:
>>> Guys, this seems like another useless jaws feature. This OCR thing is
>>> almost
>>> exactly what one can do with a screen capture utility built into Windows
>>> or
>>> what you can download get for fee.
>>> http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/Take-a-screen-capture-print-your-screen
>>> Yeah, this screen capture process might be slightly faster with jaws 13,
>>> but
>>> is this worth a hit on one's SMA? I say h no!
>>> If you listen to the FS podcast you will also come across something to
>>> the
>>> effect of Jonathan saying that scriptors on this list were all excited
>>> about
>>> this new feature. I don't recall a single post on this list commenting 
>>> on
>>> this feature. This makes Jonathan less than credible but I don't fall 
>>> for
>>> company BS about their own products anyways. Furthermore, I wil now
>>> accept
>>> Jonathan's comments with a handful of salt. He's lots almost total
>>> credibility with me with this comment at it is blatantly disingenuous. 
>>> He
>>> also claimed this feature to be a game changer in screen reader
>>> technology.
>>> A-W
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>>> From: "Chris Smart" <csmart8@xxxxxxxxx>
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>>> Sent: Friday, September 16, 2011 8:00 AM
>>> Subject: [jawsscripts] Jaws 13 OCR
>>> So, have any of you played with the OCR feature in Jaws 13 beta yet?
>>> I managed to register a program last night, whose initial
>>> registration screen was formerly invisible to Jaws. Too bad that
>>> once I registered the program, the rest of the application turned
>>> out to be invisible as well. *LOL*
>>> So far, we can ocr and then read or mouse click on the results.
>>> In what ways could this new information gleaned through OCR be tied
>>> to other Jaws functions? I'm thinking it would be nice to be able
>>> to put the Jaws cursor on part of the OCR results and transfer the
>>> text into the graphics labeler, for example.
>>> Chris
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