[jawsscripts] Re: speeking message at start

  • From: Jitendra <jeet.invincible@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 09 Apr 2009 19:19:37 +0530

Correct, this message will be spoken only once when JAWS is running and the
program is started, no matter how many times you start the program, only
matters JAWS or if you recompile this jss then var is reset, and message is
spoken, if you want everytime this message, then remove the condition.
Thank you, Jitendra.
Haden Pike wrote: This is my code for the app_start code. Void Function
AutoStartEvent () if (IAppFirstTime == 0) then SayFormattedMessage
(OT_APP_START, msgStart_L, msgStart_S) Let IAppFirstTime = 1 EndIf
EndFunction As you can see, I used a global variable IAppFitrstTime which
after the code is run once, has a value of 1 and there for does not run
again. -------------------------------------------------- From: "Jitendra"
<jeet.invincible@xxxxxxxxx>[1] Sent: Wednesday, April 08, 2009 11:36 PM To:
<jawsscripts@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>[2] Subject: [jawsscripts] Re: speeking message
atstart Haden Pike wrote: Hi Jitendra. I can't get the message to only speak
when the program starts. I used the SayFormattedMessage function with the
out-put type as OT_APP_start. Do I need to use a differend output type. so
when it speaks? btw, OT doesn't make much in this regard, and May be I and
wrong, But I have never seen OT_App_Start, so please in the next mail, copy
your code and let us see. about my second question, what I mean is that I
want jaws to speak a message after it speaks the name of the window when
moveto it. For this: as I can recall, What I did in goldwave audio editing
app and flash fxp ftp client scripts, HandleCustomwindows function. Thanks.
Thank you, Hope this helps.
-------------------------------------------------- From: "Jitendra"
<jeet.invincible@xxxxxxxxx>[3][1] Sent: Tuesday, April 07, 2009 11:11 PM To:
<jawsscripts@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>[4][2] Subject: [jawsscripts] Re: speeking
messageatstart Hello haden, great to see you there, read on... Haden Pike
wrote: Hi list. I am sort of new to scripting. What I mean is that I haven't
been doingit very long. I have 2 questions. 1. When I press enter to start
the application I am writing the script for, how do I make jaws say: "for a
list of hotkeys press JawsKey+h." You need to write an autostart event
function: there are several system events, according to them JAWS performs
the way scripts tell him. Like: focusChangedEvent, when you press any key to
move to the next or previous control Like Shift+tab or just tab, or a dialog
gets activated Now, how would Now, how would you write: Voide function
AutoStartEvent () SayString ("press JAWS key+H for Hotkey help.")
EndFunctionNote: there may other things also be, like to only perform this
message first time that program starts, or short and long messages, for
that,you may need to use say message type of function in place of say
string.2. After the window comes up, how do I get jaws to speak what ever I
tell it to. I know how to write script message files. Any help is
appreciated. I don't understand this question perhaps, if you are saying
about autostart, I have replied above, and if you are talking of some other
window that comes such as a dialog comes or goes, or pressing tab, then you
may need to write focus changed event function, or your condition may be
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