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I use the following:

function AutoFinishEvent ()
int iControlState,
int iControlToggle
GetKeyState ("CapsLock", iControlState, iControlToggle)
if Icontroltoggle == 1
I find this to be reliable.  
Tom Bisset

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Subject: [jawsscripts] Toggling capslock off when leaving an app

I use Remote Desktop Connections from a laptop using the JAWS laptop
keyboard layout.

As a result Capslock is used a lot.

Often the capslock is toggled on the local machine during the course of
working inside remote desktop. 

And when I switch back to a local window capslock is often on which is not
what I want.

I'd like to have JAWS toggle the capslock state to off each time I switch
away from the remote desktop window.

I should be able ot use an AutoFinishEvent.

What would I use to toggle the capslock to off no matter its state? 



-Travis roth


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Subject: [program-l] accessibility requirements for a marquee control



I am developing a marquee-like control for a wpf application. 

For anyone who is not exactly sure, a marquee control in html basically
scrolls some content continuously from one corner of the screen to another
on a web page. Usually used to display news headlines or advertisements at
the bottom or top of a page.

My question is about what kind of accessibility should I build into this
control that will be useful for screen readers and other AT in general? By
its very nature, a marquee doesn't get keyboard focus - it is read only
information that is constantly moving along the screen and a user is not
expected to interact with it except for reading it. In some implementations,
a mouse over causes a marquee to freeze where it is on the screen and start
scrolling again when the mouse is removed - a use case where someone wants
to carefully read a news item for example.

Will appreciate any thoughts on how such a control should be exposed for
accessibility. You can put across your ideas regardless of specific
accessibility APIs like UIA or anything else.



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