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Hi Jim,
No expert on this myself. My understanding from reading others' musings on
this over the years, and in particular an excellent post by Michael Currant
back in the dark ages, these functions, which are actually Windows
API/Microsoft things that JAWS just has  aJAWS script wrapper around,
generate a meaningless event for the window to coax it to provide an MSAA
Kind of as a response, otherwise apparently the window does not just make
the MSAA objects available in an array or something.
My guess is the MSAA functions of the window return an object as a return
value, so these functions coax the window to run these functions.

There used to be a sample of how to implement  MSAA for a custom button on
the internet. If we looked there we may discover something. I used to have
the sample but can't seem to find it and its apparently no longer easily
findable though some blog posts still reference it if you search for
"IAccessible Implementation Sample for a Custom Push Button"
If someone still has this sample C++ code I'd love to rediscover it. 

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Can somebody please translate this inscrutible line into shirt sleeve
english for me?
Several of the descriptions of jaws builtins that deal with objects contain
the line, this object is generated by an event.
Examples are GetObjectFromEvent, and GetObjectNameFromEvent.
What do events have to do with this?  You call these with a window handle,
and they get the object associated with that window.  I don't get the event
I know there are some object methods, in some cases, where you can register
the name of a jaws script function which will be called by the object when
something happens.  but, this doesn't seem to be that case.
What's the deal with this?
I never have understood that, and feel like I might be missing something

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