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Britta, g'day. I wonder if u could describe your setup a bit more.
When u say 'remote', precisely what do u mean? If u could just
describe for us the setup, I think that would help us answer your
query. I, too, am not clear as to how this is configured up, &
therefore I'd prefer to keep my yap shut until I have more info & can
answer more intelligently, assuming that were possible for me to begin

On 1/12/11, Bissett, Tom <tom.bissett@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Jaws needs to be installed on both machines to work.  My understanding is
> that jaws does all the processing on the server and simply passes the speech
> to the desktop.  This suggests to me that frames on the server application
> should work but as I say I never actually tried to use them.
> I worked with remote for a little while until they moved to virtual servers
> [ESX3] where jaws consistantly crashed the servers.  I never tried to use
> frames and I didn't actually look to see where jaws was storing
> configuration changes so unless someone has actually had experience you
> could try a simple test.
> I do know that when I made configuration changes to work with applications
> on the server they were always available when needed Which suggests to me
> that frames should work.
> You may want to give it a try.
> Tom Bisset
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> Hi britta
> I was hoping someone more experienced would pop their head up to answer
> this, but ... since it doesn't look like anyone has yet, I better pump the
> thing along by my stumblings and hope it elicits a more informed response?
> If your talking about "remoting," in the sense of using Remote desktop
> functionality, or some other method, where the local puter just totally acts
> as a "dumb terminal," and all the action is on the other machine, then  I
> seriously don't know anything about that.
> I've never used jaws in a remote desktop type setting, other than the
> builtin Tandem feature JAWS has internally, which is a totally different
> deal,
> and is only relevant when both machines have jaws on them, which I presume
> this wouldn't be applicable to. right?
> Basically, my potentially poorly informed knowledge so far on this would be,
> that the frames would need to be only created on the local computer on which
> Jaws was installed, and which presumably is being used to access, visually,
> this inaccessible program of which you speak residing on the server?
> is that the case?
> I.e. does text appear on the monitor screen of the computer on which jaws is
> installed? (of course it must I guess, so the real question is,
> can that text be read with either the PC or JAWSCursor on the local machine?
> BTW In case your not aware, The JawsCursor is really the BuiltIn mouse
> emulation, that after NumPad Minus is pressed,
> Jaws uses the normative navigation keys, like arrows, home/end,
> pageup/pageDown etc, to control/move around.
> if that text is visible/readable with the jaws cursor, then you should be
> able to use frames to mark off regions to attach keystrokes to, to speak to
> the user of the local Jaws Machine.
> However, if your using some vfancy remote system, whereby the whole
> application's screens are just being "dumped" over to it as one big
> graphical bitMap type component, which might be quite readable and not even
> distinguishable as such by a sighted user, then in this case you'll find the
> Jaws Cursor, won't be able to read/navigate anything on the screen with the
> arrow keys, or control+Arrows ... etc. and in this case, ... well, let me
> put it this way: you'll be in a very difficult spot then.
> In it's most basic form, What Jaws really needs, in order to make a program
> accessible, is:
> (a) output: i.e. the application's output to the user has to be in some
> textual form that is visible/catchable by the video hook, (sometimes called
> screen scraping,) that jaws inserts into the video driver chain. Jaws needs
> to form what it calls and OffScreenModel, OSM, in order to effectively be
> able to communicate useful information from the application to the user.
> (b.) input: the user has to be able to navigate to the areas of
> interest/need, in some effective way, know where they are at any given time
> etc, and activate the controls, either by simulated mouseClicks at desired
> key locations, or, more hopefully, via builtIn keyboard navigation/controls.
> Does this help at all?
> Anyone else please chime in to help where knowledge permits?
> It might help us too if you were to indicate your current jaws
> knowledge/experience, and whether your a blind/sighted programmer?
> G.
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> Subject: [jawsscripts] Frames and Scripts and Jaws etc
>> Thanks for your excellent information on Frames. Can I ask a silly
> question about remoting from a client computer to a server which contains an
> application that is inaccessible. Do I create the Frames on the remote
> computer and is the client JAWS able to use keystrokes to read contents of
> that remote frame? Or do I set up the frames on the client computer as well
> ?
>> Is it even possible to use frames this way?
>> Thanks,
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