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Jaws needs to be installed on both machines to work.  My understanding is that 
jaws does all the processing on the server and simply passes the speech to the 
desktop.  This suggests to me that frames on the server application should work 
but as I say I never actually tried to use them.  
I worked with remote for a little while until they moved to virtual servers 
[ESX3] where jaws consistantly crashed the servers.  I never tried to use 
frames and I didn't actually look to see where jaws was storing configuration 
changes so unless someone has actually had experience you could try a simple 
I do know that when I made configuration changes to work with applications on 
the server they were always available when needed Which suggests to me that 
frames should work.  
You may want to give it a try.

Tom Bisset
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Hi britta
I was hoping someone more experienced would pop their head up to answer
this, but ... since it doesn't look like anyone has yet, I better pump the
thing along by my stumblings and hope it elicits a more informed response?

If your talking about "remoting," in the sense of using Remote desktop
functionality, or some other method, where the local puter just totally acts
as a "dumb terminal," and all the action is on the other machine, then  I
seriously don't know anything about that.

I've never used jaws in a remote desktop type setting, other than the
builtin Tandem feature JAWS has internally, which is a totally different
and is only relevant when both machines have jaws on them, which I presume
this wouldn't be applicable to. right?

Basically, my potentially poorly informed knowledge so far on this would be,
that the frames would need to be only created on the local computer on which
Jaws was installed, and which presumably is being used to access, visually,
this inaccessible program of which you speak residing on the server?
is that the case?
I.e. does text appear on the monitor screen of the computer on which jaws is
installed? (of course it must I guess, so the real question is,
can that text be read with either the PC or JAWSCursor on the local machine?

BTW In case your not aware, The JawsCursor is really the BuiltIn mouse
emulation, that after NumPad Minus is pressed,
Jaws uses the normative navigation keys, like arrows, home/end,
pageup/pageDown etc, to control/move around.

if that text is visible/readable with the jaws cursor, then you should be
able to use frames to mark off regions to attach keystrokes to, to speak to
the user of the local Jaws Machine.

However, if your using some vfancy remote system, whereby the whole
application's screens are just being "dumped" over to it as one big
graphical bitMap type component, which might be quite readable and not even
distinguishable as such by a sighted user, then in this case you'll find the
Jaws Cursor, won't be able to read/navigate anything on the screen with the
arrow keys, or control+Arrows ... etc. and in this case, ... well, let me
put it this way: you'll be in a very difficult spot then.

In it's most basic form, What Jaws really needs, in order to make a program
accessible, is:
(a) output: i.e. the application's output to the user has to be in some
textual form that is visible/catchable by the video hook, (sometimes called
screen scraping,) that jaws inserts into the video driver chain. Jaws needs
to form what it calls and OffScreenModel, OSM, in order to effectively be
able to communicate useful information from the application to the user.

(b.) input: the user has to be able to navigate to the areas of
interest/need, in some effective way, know where they are at any given time
etc, and activate the controls, either by simulated mouseClicks at desired
key locations, or, more hopefully, via builtIn keyboard navigation/controls.

Does this help at all?

Anyone else please chime in to help where knowledge permits?

It might help us too if you were to indicate your current jaws
knowledge/experience, and whether your a blind/sighted programmer?

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> Thanks for your excellent information on Frames. Can I ask a silly
question about remoting from a client computer to a server which contains an
application that is inaccessible. Do I create the Frames on the remote
computer and is the client JAWS able to use keystrokes to read contents of
that remote frame? Or do I set up the frames on the client computer as well
> Is it even possible to use frames this way?
> Thanks,
> Bbt__________�
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