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 Thanks for your responses David and Dennis- it was helpful and I tried the
steps you mentioned. Unfortunately upon checking out the appearance tab,
advanced button, selected items entry, the bold button was not checked, so
that wasn't the cause.

Upon trying Insert + space then F4 it did indeed say "bold", but
unfortunately you have not mentioned how I can overcome this. 

I am informed that the subject line and date are listed in bold on all
items- where should I go to try and change the settings?

My knowledge of Jaws Scripts is fairly basic, so if you can assist me again
to solve this pesky problem I will be really grateful, but once again thanks
for the suggestions received- your knowledge and expertise is appreciated.


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Hi Russell:
Picking up on Dennis's message below,  If when you are focussed on one of
these messages which you have already read, Jaws tells you that the font is
bold. check using JawsKey+F, you can perhaps fix this by going to display in
control panel and then go back to the appearance tab.
find the advanced button alt+d and then in the item combo box find the
Selected items entry.
You can do this by pressing s twice.

Once there tab until you hear whether the bold (b button) is checked or not.
If this is checked, press space to un-check it.  
Press enter to activate the ok button which is the default button in this

Now you should be focussed back on the advanced button.
tab until you reach ok and then hit space.

If this does not fix your problem, there may be a setting within the outlook
options that specifies how long a message has to be open before the status
changes to read.  I do not know where this is exactly in the options.  I
will try to find it when I get home tonight.  Maybe I am just imagining this
one. If I find it I'll let you know.
>>> "Dennis Brown" <DennisTBrown@xxxxxxxxxxx> 08:51 am Monday, January
07, 2008 >>>
When highlighting an unread message in the list, hit HomeRow
and then hit F4.  If it says "bold", then that would be the problem, since
JAWS uses the bold state to determine unread status.
MSAA is extremely unreliable in Outlook, especially for this task, since
exchange servers caused a timing issue with updating the state, so that

could not be used to determine unread state, and bold highlighting was used
Hope this helps!

Dennis Brown
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> Hello list members,
> I'm still trying, in hope of, in search of, in finding some bright
> out
> there who can help me with an annoying problem with MS Outlook.
> I'm having some difficulties with JAWS which no-one so far I've asked
> been able to resolve, so I thought I'd ask here if someone here might

> help.
> There's this one glitch on MS Outlook I can't figure out - how to
> JAWS to announce whether a particular email is read or unread- it 
> continues to say that messages are unread even when I have opened and 
> read
them. I
> don't know what settings I may have configured incorrectly for this
> occur
> but I would like to hear your suggestions about what I might try to
do to
> resolve this situation... -
> On my PC I have JAWS 9.0,MS Outlook 2003, Windows XP 2003 Home and
> changed the operating system to Classic and changed screen settings
> those
> recommended in the JAWS manual.
> I've also modified the MS Outlook 2003 settings as was recommended as

> well.
> Other changes suggested by the supplier which I did that is as
> 1. Selecting and entering on the "Accessibility Options" which is in
> control panel
> on the display page tab , selecting "high contrast" and making sure
> box
> is unchecked,
> 2. Also while still in control panel, selecting and entering on
> option"
> Control tab to "Appearance Tab page" and pressing space bar on
> button.
> Then uncheck "smooth edges of screen fonts"
> These changes have made no difference and I'm just mystified as to
> this
> very irritating problem keeps occurring- so any ideas to remedy it
> be
> extremely welcome.
> If you have no idea of the cause and might know of a person or news
> that could help, please if you would let me have their details
> Thanks very much,
> Russell

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