[jawsscripts] Re: Creating Jaws Keyboard Assignment

  • From: "Geoff Chapman" <gch@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 4 Mar 2011 02:45:41 +1100

Hmmm, I'd maybe just suggest checking in the actual jkm file that's 
associated with those particular fs scripts, and see what's really written 
in there. bottom line. that's where it's all gotta happen really.
So maybe check that script name in keyboard manager, then search for it in 
the actual jkm file which you can open in script manager if you like, or any 
text only editor like notePad etc, and insure that there's really a line in 
here, which looks identical to whatever script name the Control+P keystroke, 
is set to?
I'm not in 12 right now, so haven't chased this up at all as to exact script 
name, but I seem to remember the other caveat about these, was that they're 
set to be global, like to work across any application, if fs reader is 
loaded. is this correct? Thus, these might be residing in the default.jkm in 
order to have them do this?  Or do people think they may be being handled in 
KeyPressedEvent maybe?

Sorry I know not complete answer, but maybe it'll give you some digging 
tools to work with?

From: "Andre Williams" <andre.williams.1965@xxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Thursday, March 03, 2011 10:18 PM
Subject: [jawsscripts] Creating Jaws Keyboard Assignment

> For those who may know what's happening here, I decided to add a keyboard
> assignment to FS Reader. This is the free daisy reader FS supplies with 
> Jaws
> beginning with jaws 12.0. The problem I'm having is that I assigned F12 to
> play and pause but the keyboard assignment just won't take. Here's how I 
> did
> it.
> I pressed Insert + F8 to launch the keyboard manager.
> I pressed the letters FS to take me to FSReader section of keyboard 
> manager.
> I tabbed to get into the list of scripts.
> I pressed down arrow to the play/pause script.
> I pressed my windows applications key and pressed enter on add a 
> keystroke.
> I pressed F12 then tabbed to uncheck the desktop setting as I want this
> functionality available on my laptop keyboard too.
> I used the jaws cursor to review the screen and made sure all was fine.
> I tabbed to ok and press enter. I accepted the confirmation message.
> After having confirmed the new keystroke was added I closed KB manager and
> unloaded and reloaded jaws.
> When pressing F12, instead of jaws mimicking the Control + P keystroke, FS
> just keeps on talking. Weird!
> Any ideas as to the flakiness of jaws? I assigned rewind and forward to 
> F10
> and F11 and these work just fine.
> Anyone have any ideas as to how to solve this jaws mystery?
> Andre
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