[jawsscripts] Beta 0.7 of FxMax (extending JAWS support for Firefox)

  • From: Jamal Mazrui <empower@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 3 Feb 2010 17:12:26 -0500 (EST)


or .zip (manual install currently necessary on 64-bit Windows)

Recent changes:

FxMax uses a Windows Script Component in the file Homer.wsc.  The 
technology behind such a COM server is explained in the following article:

Doctor Scripto's Script Shop: Windows Script Components Have a COM-ing 

If you get an error message about loading the Homer COM object, please try 
the suggestions in the following article:

When I run a script in Windows Script, I receive an error message: 
"Library not registered"

Alt+Shift+T now uses the latest version of TestPage.  This 1.3 version is 
also available separately at

Added the Web Utilities command, Control+JAWSKey+Space.  It is similar to 
the JAWS ResearchIt command, JAWSKey+Space.  The web client utilities are 
handy ways of getting useful information from free web 2.0 services.  The 
following 20 utilities are installed (for efficient navigation, each has a 
unique initial character):

EnglishDictionary Lookup - Get definitions and other information about a 

508 Check - Check a web page for compliance with accessibility standards 
of the United States Government (Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act), 
as well as standards of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Address Lookup - Search for addresses of organizations meeting geographic 
and other criteria.

Business Reviews - Search for reviews of a business by inputting its phone 

Common URLs - Show a list of the 100 most commonly referenced URLs on 
Twitter at the time.  These typically point to news stories that people 
have been retweeting.

Driving Directions - Input a starting and ending location, and get a list 
of steps to get there by car (a blind person might share this with a 
friend or cab driver).  The location may be specified as a street address 
in any country.

  Feed Find - Get a list of RSS and ATOM feeds made available by a web 

Google Search and Set Suggestions - Propose a Google search and get a list 
of popular searches that are similar.  Also Get a list of terms that may 
be part of the same set.

Interesting Places - Get a list of nearby places to eat, shop, or visit 
based on a location.

Members of Congress - Get a list of House and Senate members for a zip 
code, with various data about them including committee assignments and 
contact information, including Twitter screen name if available.

Neighborhood Search - Search for places near a location, e.g., restaurants 
with a particular cuisine near an address you are visiting (anywhere in 
the world).

Original URL - Get the original version of a URL that was shortened for 
sharing in a tweet.

Quotes of the Day - Get a humorous quote and several motivational quotes 
each day.

Recommended URLs - Get a list of currently popular URLs that people are 
saving as bookmarks.

Short URL - Get a shortened version of a URL so you can share it in a 
tweet and have more text to type within the 140 character limit.

Trend Topics - Get a list of topics that are currently popular on Twitter.

Virtual White Pages - Search for residential listings in U.S. phone books.

Weather Check - Get a summary of current and forecasted conditions for any 

Extra Word Info - Get definitions of a word and examples of its use.

Yahoo! Term Extractions - Get noteworthy noun phrases contained in a web 

Zoom Info - Search for employment contacts by name or email address.

Each utility is defined in a script file written in the Python language. 
The file name begins with the WebClient_ prefix and ends with the .py 
extension, e.g.,

The Python script file is run with a custom Python interpreter, InPy.exe, 
which is also available separately at

That package also includes a Console mode version, InPyC.exe, to aid 
development of Python scripts.  If run without parameters, it opens an 
interactive shell for testing commands and running scripts, similar to the 
full python.exe interpreter.  The source code file, InPy.py, imports 
various web2.0 libraries, and defines many convenience functions.

Web client utilities may be added to the list of available ones by using 
the same naming convention, e.g.,

The Web Utilities command remembers the last utility you chose, making it 
the default in the list.  The information obtained by the utility is 
automatically saved in a text file and opened in your text editor (the 
program associated with .txt files in the Windows registry).  Some 
utilities also open a web page automatically in your default browser.


Visit and contribute to The JAWS Script Repository http://jawsscripts.com

View the list's information and change your settings at 

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