[jawsscripts] Re: Announcing 1.0 versions of FxMax and IEMax

  • From: "John H. Luttenberger, III" <jlutt3@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: jawsscripts@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 26 Feb 2010 18:50:14 -0500

Hello, Jamal,
What is the earliest version of JAWS which can run the IEMax scripts?

Thanks in advance.

John Luttenberger

At 03:08 PM 2/24/2010, you wrote:
>After much development and beta testing, this is to announce the 1.0
>releases of FxMax and IEMax -- script sets that extend the functionality
>of Firefox 3.x and Internet Explorer 7 and above.  The functionality is
>almost the same in the two web browsers.
>or .zip for a manual install
>Note that Firefox is officially abbreviated Fx (second letter is lower
>case), whereas Internet Explorer is abbreviated IE.
>Recent changes:
>Fixed SayLine.exe on Win64.  Added a web client utility called 0Captcha,
>which eliminates captcha barriers via solona.net. Added Control+Shift+0 as
>a command to launch this utility directly after saving an image of the
>active window to disk.
>Anyone can register for a free account at solona.net (the script will
>prompt for your user name and password there).  The service solves
>captchas via a human operator, so when one is available, it is more
>reliable than an automated approach like the WebVism extension for
>Firefox.  Human operators are not always available, but such down time has
>been less and less.
>Before pressing the Control+Shift+0 hotkey, I recommend turning on forms
>mode and navigating to the input box for typing the text shown in the
>captcha image.  This helps to ensure that image will be included in the
>file that the script sends to solona.net.  To maximize your privacy, it is
>best not to fill in any other fields of the web form before submitting the
>image.  You can then fill in the other fields after pasting the captcha
>solution that the script copies to the clipboard.  The script waits up to
>90 seconds for a human operator to respond, checking every 10 seconds
>whether a solution is available.
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