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  • Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2007 11:12:08 -0000

Hi James,

Is JAWS also having trouble reading out other things, like list boxes or
the contents of folders like My Documents?

You might need to make sure that the display settings are set right. Go
to Control Panel, then Display. Firstly make sure that the Theme is on
Windows Classic (not Windows Classic Modified). Next, Control and Tab
until you get to Settings, and find the Color Quality combo box. Arrow
up to Medium (16-bit), then press OK. Choose Yes if you're asked to keep
the settings, then restart the computer and hopefully it'll be OK.

William Burton
Technical Support
Sight and Sound Technology

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Sorry, but Jaws is still not reading the desktop. It will just speak the
key that is being pressed. Insert + F10 works only some of the time. We
are running Jaws 7.0 on Win XP. I have tried to look at Freedom
Scientifics technical support page but I could not find it. 

James Grayston
Head of ICT
The West of England School
for children and young people
with little or no sight 
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