[jaws-uk] Re: strange jaws behaviour

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  • Date: Tue, 1 Jun 2010 07:50:08 +0100

I have a similar thing with Outlook 2002 and XP. Halfway through a
message it will say "page has zero links" or some such.  But I've been
ignoring it for months.
*With my system I have to tell Jaws to read all, (insert plus numpad 2,)
to read, and I think if I give the machine more time before rushing in
with that keystroke it may be OK.
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I have recently started getting a problem using jaws 10 and also latest
jaws 11.  The problem being is that when I now read a e. mail message
using outlook express, half way through reading jaws will say "use your
reading keys to read the text" and then continue reading the message.
Has anyone else had the same problem? or indeed any ideas  as   to, how
to fix the problem.  Using win xp sp3, ie7. Many thanks

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