[jaws-uk] Re: question but nor about Jaws but something of interest.

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  • Date: Fri, 2 Sep 2005 09:34:25 +0100

Hi Jane
Re blue tooth travel, is it a travel company? There's lots on the internet 
about Bluetooth travel mouses (mice?).  Do you have any more details about what 
you're looking for, what they do, where they are etc.

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  Hi all,
  Can anyone tell me if there is a web site that deals with blue tooth travel? 
  also can I thank Flore Lynch for his comments about jaws 4.5.1 and windows 
clashing I had ansked this before and no one had actually answered my question 
so many thanks I now know that I need to install version 5.0 whch I have , but 
I am also in the process of trying to gain funding for a new pc so that my 
operating system is not so out of date this will I am sure stablise my computer 
but how much memory should I have on the machine? Sorry for asking these 
questions, but I am a bit of a techy but not sure of the answers to these so I 
thought I would ask my friendly Jaws group to do so.
  with all good wishes
  Jane Sellers 

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