[jaws-uk] lower prices on new audio course on JAWS and the web

  • From: Dean Martineau <dean92@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: jaws-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2004 05:36:40 -0800

In case you have seen this announcement before, the prices on this 12-hour audio course are lower during December. If you haven't seen it, read on!

Top Dot Enterprises is back! After allowing some old outdated audio courses to fade into oblivion, we're back with modern material with some new twists.

Introducing JAWS for windows and the Real World Web

The combination of JAWS for Windows and Internet Explorer allows blind computer users to access the wealth of resources available on the World Wide Web.
However, to take full advantage of the power of these two tools, the user has to know many keystrokes and understand many configuration options. Here,
finally, is a course that puts all this knowledge in one place.

The course consists of 30 chapters and lasts more than 12 hours. We visit more than fifty real-world web pages to demonstrate techniques, keystrokes and
the effect of setting different configuration options. It is available in three formats:

To keep this message short, I invite you to get more information about the course. To read the contents, send a blank message to rww-contents@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
To get information about formats, prices and ordering, send a blank message to rww-info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

All this information can also be read on the no-frills web site at
www.topdotenterprises.com.  Current December prices are reflected throughout.


Dean Martineau

Top Dot Enterprises
2219 Rucker Ave. #204
Everett WA 98201 USA
(425) 876-4406

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