[jaws-uk] Re: (jaws-uk) - Installing Daisy Books onto my desktop

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  • Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2010 22:53:43 +0100

Hi Elspeth, to get the book from the cd onto your computer do the following:
  First make a little folder for the book contents in the daisy books folder 
you mention. Call it whatever the name of the book is. Now put in your cd. A 
window will come up asking what you want to do. Choose Open folder to view 
files and press enter. The contents of the cd will be displayed. Press control 
and a to select all the contents, then control c to copy to the clipboard. 
close the cd window and go to the folder you made. press enter on it to open 
it. Then press control and v to paste the copied contents into it. You will 
hear the cd whirring as the files are copied across. That's it.

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  I am using FS Reader.  Is there a way of installing the daisy book I want to 
read on to my computer?  I notice that I have a folder in My Documents called 
Daisy Books, but I cannot find a way of saving the book into this folder.  The 
moment I remove the disc from the computer, all reference to it seems to be 
gone.  In a former Victor Reader software package, there was a way to add it to 
the bookshelf.

  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  Elspeth Pearce

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