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Graham, are you saying that it is alright to flagrantly over-charge
customers if that's what's needed to keep the suppliers' employees pensions
and perks up to scratch?  Considering we're always told how the prices are
due to the small size of the market, these suppliers seem to employ a fierce
lot of people.  Would you suggest a similar rationale to a mainstream

Certainly agree with you otherwise, though;no question.



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Amie, that's not entirely fair.


Theese companies do have to develop products and they have to test them.  In
order to do this people have to be paid a decent living wage.  If companies
do not get support or grants then they do have to get the money to pay their
costs from somewhere.  I actually think we need more companies to take the
Apple approach where accessibility is built into products rather than
requiring outside companies to have to make an inaccessible system work.
They should at least be forced to create an freely available way of gaining
access to the operating system, office suite or whatever.


I certainly agree in principal that it is morally wrong and deeply unfair
that as blind people we have to pay more to access things that other people
get for free.  This is not asking for something for nothing, but the
question is how to best make products accessible most effectively.  This is
a good example of where legislation is needed in my view.  The free market
means survival of the fittest.  Speech or Braille access is not widely
needed. Blind people are therefore never going to be served by a totally
free market.  For whatever reason, few companies choose to include
accessibility into their products and the question is how can we force
companies to include accessibility into what they make and I believe the
answer probably  lies in law and appropriate regulation.






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Rip-off either way, just like all access tech'.  Cynical milking of blind
cash cows...imho, only :o)



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Glass half full:
Professional is the normal cost and you can get a discount by using a home
version of the windows OS.

On 20/10/2010 09:59, Amro Bilal wrote: 

Yes, Jaws pro is a total rip off, and I feel it's more like, they sat me on
a spike and I know it!


Lots of ifs, but, if you are going to use this MSDN AA for a limited period
of time, and you have a spare computer which you can put a pro MS product on
it, you could use Jaws in forty minute mode on that spare machine.
Otherwise, I am afraid I can see a free spike next to me here or you can
join Tiddy's barrel, which ever you prefer.


Sorry about the dry sense of humour this morning!




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I think we all agree that Jaws Professional is a rip-off, but they've got
you over a barrel and know it.  If you want/need to use the MS professional
products, you're stuck with having to use Jaws professional, unless you can
find some alternative screen reader. and this isn't the place to discuss
such things without getting your knuckles rapped for going off topic.



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why is it going to cost me $708 to upgrade from the jaws stadnard to jaws
pro plus sma.

which way should i go.

just that i am doing a online help desk course, and the msdn aa subscription
i have subscribed to, apart from windows 2003 stadnard, all windows xp,
vista and 7 are professional.

so i need jaws pro to use these software.

please advice, what i should do.

got till november 18 to place my order with quantum technology in sydney,



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