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  • Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2010 06:40:01 +0100

Yvonne, surely if Jaws is coming from your speakers  the microphone will
pick this up as well as your voice.
The lack of volume must be down to your sound card settings.  Have you
tried the test facility where you speak to Skype and it repeats the
message back to you?
As for fixing the problem, I can't help, having a similar problem myself
with my present computer, though my last one worked OK.
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i have this problem where when on skype the people i talk to can hear my
jaws through their speakers
i cant however hear theirs
jaws speaks every item i receive and every key i press
the contacts i talk to hear all of this but like i said i cant hear
anything jaws related through my speakers regarding jaws announcing on
their computer
i am informed that one possibility is that jaws is routing through my
sound card
if this is the reason for the problem then ok 
but how would i correct this and how do i find out if jaws is routing
through the soundcard
if it is how can i fix it
thank you

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