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Hi Jillian

I have been experiencing the same problem finding the checkout button at Amazon 
so I downloaded a demo version of Window-Eyes and it works fine - when on the 
checkout button on the pc cursor, press insert-plus key and you should be on 
the button, then press enter and it should take you to the checkout page.

Hope this helps


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  Interesting you said that the same thing happens in Window-eyes, 'cos I 
wanted a demo copy for this reason.  glad I didn't get it.

  Confused about the rest of the message, about turning off PC cursor but will 
read the message again to see what specific things I'm unsure of.


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  Hi Gillian;

  No, you're not doing anything wrong.  There's various speculation that has 
been going on publically as to the cause.  It's been narrowed down to either a 
fault with Amazon, or a fault in Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA), as 
apparently, it also occurs in Window Eyes, ruling out any specific bug in JAWS.

  The solution.... Hmm, pass.  All I can think of, is that the mouse pointer 
should be moving over to that button/graphic when you move the virtual PC 
cursor over to it.  You could try pressing the mouse button.  Alternatively, 
turning off virtual PC cursor might work.  According to an MSDN article I read 
on MSAA support in IE, and some assumption and guessing, this should change how 
JAWS interacts with IE.  Instead of having JAWS issue commands through the MSAA 
layer to the IE window, you should be interacting with the IE window directly.

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    hoping an experienced website user/programmer and jaws user can maybe 
explain something.  apologies if this has been asked before.  

    I've been using the web now for 4 years or so, and generally speaking find 
it great with Jaws.  But recently I've been having problems accessing certain 
features of that well know, popular online retailor Amazon.  I can't pay for 
items.  If I have items in the shopping cart, I can remove them, but can't save 
them, and when I'm trying to get to the checkout, I can get onto the update 
page, but when clicking the proceed to checkout, it just seems to refresh the 
current page I was on.  If I have Jaws running and someone clicks on the link 
with the mouse, it works no problems.  I'm guessing there's something in the 
scripting of the site that conflicts with Jaws, but am not sure.  i'm running 
Windows 98 SE and J 4.5, but this makes no difference, as I've used it with XP 
and J 4.5 and still the same probs.  I've got a friend who's got J 5, and he 
too has had the same experience.

    Does anyone know what is the problem?  i've tried using the Jaws cursor and 
mouse buttons, but the Jaws cursor can't even find the checkout button, and on 
J 4.5, tabbing doesn't take the J cursor even when routed to PC.

    would like more knowledge on this one, as I often don't have sighted help 
at hand, and prefer doing things on my own anyway.



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