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  • Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2004 03:28:24 -0000

When you get to the "Proceed to Checkout button", route JAWS to PC with
Insert+NumpadMinus, then hit LeftMouseButton (Numpad Slash).  This
should land you on the checkout button and you can then proceed to pay,
in the usual way.
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Just joined recently.

How well does Jaws work with the MSN Messenger?  I've got it, but am
difficulty sending messages.  I've not used this one before.  when I was
Hereford, I was using Windows Messenger and whichever version of Jaws
were running, maybe 4.5, I think.  It worked really well.  With MSN I
see who's online but can't seem to read conversations, and am not sure
to reply.  I see the typing field, but nothing seems to happen when I
try to
respond.  I think that in WM, I just hit enter after I finished typing,
haven't used it in around a year, so maybe I got it wrong.

Any help would be good.


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