[jaws-uk] Re: internet setting query

  • From: Moti Azrad Musician & Piano-Tuner <motia@xxxxxxx>
  • To: jaws-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 01 Apr 2005 01:11:32 +0200

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  From: Wendy Dundas 
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  Sent: Thursday, March 31, 2005 7:46 PM
  Subject: [jaws-uk] internet setting query

  Hi all

  I'm not sure if this is strictly a jaws query but am wondering if anyone can 

  I'm trying to download Real1 Player and was firstly informed via the computer 
that a pop up window was blocked. I've now unblocked my pop ups and, on trying 
again, am still unable to download it as it's saying that my cookies need to be 
enabled. I've looked everywhere in options to try to do this but can't find an 
option that will do this. I'm also wondering if it could be somewhere in my 
security settings but am not sure where to look.

  Any ideas?

  Thanks a lot.

  Wendy Dundas

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