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  • Date: Fri, 24 Dec 2004 13:03:08 -0000

I guess you could have your main email account with Out look and have all the 
others in out look express.

I don't know how to copy an account from outlook express to outlook though.  
You could always recreate it in Outlook and once its working right delete that 
account in Outlook express.

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  Hi Jillian

  I don't know as you can have both Outlook and Express both operating as your 
mail clients within the same user account,you may have to set up 2 log-in ID's 
and make Outlook the default on one and Express on the other.

  Alternativly, have a look at the Mail section in Control panel.  You could 
use Outlook as your mail client but set up different profiles which you could 
use to access the different mail accounts.      .  


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  I've been creating new accounts through my service provider, (NTL)  
Beforehand I just had the one account, (this one), and I was using Microsoft 
   when I created my new accounts, it appeared that I could only switch 
identities in Outlook Express, so I decided to make that my default client for 
   but now I'd like to make Outlook my client for this main account, but access 
all my other ids in OE.  i want to move everything for this account from
  OE to MO, but blow me, I just can't seem to be able to do it.  It was so easy 
doing this in OE.  Can I have 1 client for 1 account, while using something
  else to access the others?  How do I set this up, and then transfer all the 
messages I've got from OE for this, and only this account.

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