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  • Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2010 13:19:49 +0100

Hi Susie, are you using a SAPI5 voice? I found when switching from Eloquence to 
the SAPI5 UK Daniel voice it did exactly what you're describing, plus many 
similar inappropriate abbreviations. I think it's just the programmers who 
designed the voice's dictionary being too smart for their own good, to a degree 
that the voices, although excellent in other respects are rendered pretty much 
unuseable. Currencies and american state names were common manifestations of 
it. Because it's the speech engine's own dictionary that's at fault changing 
settings in the jaws dictionary does nothing.
  I have now reverted to Eloquence, which, although far inferior in voice 
quality reads things correctly.

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  Hi Listers,

  I work at the United States Department of Agriculture in Kansas City, 
Missouri. I am a programmer, but I also help to test pages and applications 
with JAWS. We have an application which says Australian Dollar when it finds 
au. I can't seem to duplicate it, but I need to have JAWS just speak the 
letters. I was hoping someone might know so I don't have to spend an hour 
looking for it. Helping with testing is not my main work.


  Thanks in advance for your help.


  Susie Stanzel

  IT Systems Specialistu

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