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  • From: "Graham smith" <graham.smith577@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2004 10:57:31 -0000

Hi Will

Thanks will try tomorrow, its definatley not the Normal view
causing it I have tried all views with no success.

Hoping its something to do with Maximising as also suggested
by robert.

I must admit I do forget to check this one, easily done when
you cannot see the screen.  

I am using Word 2000 on a network, the text on the right
hand side is not right aligned but just on the right side.


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Hi Graham,

I think, that the SayCharacter script function, called when
you press 5 on the numeric key pad, isn't picking the
correct character from the off screen model.  Everything
seems to be there in the OSM, as SayLine is working, but I
suspect that JAWS has a problem tracking the cursor for
right aligned text under Word 2003.  Hence, it's generating
this problem.

You could try any of the following to see if that corrects
the issue:
1) Maximise the Word application main window, by pressing
alt + space and selecting maximise
2) Changing to normal view from within Word's view menu 3.
Changing the zoom scale from Word's view menu
4) Changing the font and font size used in the Word

These are known to resolve some off screen model problems.
If they don't work, this will need to be sorted out by the
system side devs at FS.

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> Hi George
> Yes I have mentioned it to both Dennis and tristran.
> Just wondered if anybody else could throw any light on it.
> George, when I open a message from the new list I get the
> "Bounce" in the from line, is that normal.
> Graham
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> Hi Graham,
> This sounds very much like the kind of problem someone
from Freedom 
> Scientific should perhaps be looking at more closely with
>  [Tristram -
> I hope your reading this, and will follow up!]
> From what you describe, the problem can be clearly and
easily replicated.
> THAT is the kind of problem which programmers generally
are able to fix.
> George.
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> Hi
> Well, I think this is a problem that cannot be solved,
nobody seems to 
> know what is causing it.
> I have had the problem with 4.5, 5 and 5.1.
> I really don't know what is causing this, everything is
working fine and
> then for some reason   jaws seems to switch into a
> mode, whether
> it is a particular keystroke that I am using I don't know.
> My latest problem is this.
> I use a simple template that I use to create documents.
> Its something like this, A date at the top, 7 lines down I
have the 
> word Name typed in.  A couple of lines down on the right
hand side is 
> a telephone number  a couple of lines below that in the
same position 
> is our reference number and two lines below that same line
position is 
> typed your Ref.
> Several lines below that back on the left hand margin is
the word 
> Dear, I hope you get the idea.
> Ok I open the template and arrow down until Jaws announces
> pressing Num Pad 5 announces the letter N.  I simply then
type in the 
> name and address here and delete the word Name.
> I now arrow down until I hear one of the next items on the
right hand 
> side, say for instance your Ref, Pressing num pad
> 5 announces Y and I can move along the word hearing each
> letter.
> I simply type in the reference number and delete the words
Your Ref.  
> All very simple crude stuff.
> However since the latest version of Jaws 5 things work
> concerning anything that is not on the left hand margin.
> Using the same template I arrow down to Name and this is
ok but when I 
> arrow down to your Ref Jaws announces the words but when I
press num 
> pad 5 jaws says blank and whatever I do I cannot find
these words, 
> jaws just keeps announcing blank, however , pressing the
say line 
> command announces the words.
> I have now got to know that when I initially move down to
the word 
> your ref the cursor is on the letter Y and it is ok to
type in here.  
> I have found out that if I press num pad 5 twice quickly
to announce 
> Yankee I can now move along the word with the likes of
Oscar, uniform 
> etc.  So it appears jaws is not recognising the letters
but is 
> recognising them when num pad 5 twice mode is switched on.
> I have had a similar problem working in word within
another program, 
> much the same as above but to find out where I an on the
line I have 
> to press num pad 5 three times and then jaws will announce
> character number for each letter but will not announce the
> itself or the Oscar, uniform etc node.
> I hope some of this makes sense, I could go on but I wont
for now.
> Regards
> Graham
> .
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> Hi there Graham
> I have had the same problem, I've tried screen refresh and
> sometimes put the words back but I also use my margin
location quite a 
> lot with my work.
> I find if you type the first page, it says you are 1.27cm
in from the 
> edge, because I use a hanging indent but as soon as you go
over to 
> page 2 it says 0, as you say wherever you are in the page.
I have 
> spoken to FS and they say they can't see the problem.  I
know there is 
> one because it didn't happen with 5, only with 5.1
> Mandy
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> Trying againHi
> Is anyone else experiencing navigation problems in word
with the 
> latest version of Jaws.
> I get in situations where I can read the line but I cannot
navigate it 
> by character or word, jaws just announces blank although I
know I am 
> on a letter.
> I also get in a situation where when presseing Alt delete
to find out 
> where I am on the line it announces 0cm from left and 0 cm
from top 
> this is announced wherever I am on the line.
> Graham

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