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So does that mean we have to use Outlook or buy some other email program? I'll 
probably have to get Windows 7 on a new computer this year.

Best wishes,

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  Robin, I'm having no problems with ms Outlook and Windows 7. As far as I 
know, Outlook Express won't work, and there's no e-mail client included in 
win7. Just my two pence worth.




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  Hi all,


  I'm reading up on how Outlook Express and MS Outlook have issues running on 
Windows 7. The default windows mail client on W7, is it ok with Jaws?


  Or is there a more accessible client worth looking at?


  Or even more importantly, should I stick with XP if I'm buying a new machine? 
This pc and the laptop are both XP Pro which is almost impossible to get now so 
if I bought an XP Home edition will it see my other two machines on my home 


  Any feedback much appreciated. Can of worms I think!


  Cheers, Robin



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