[jaws-uk] Winamp 5.33 and latest update of j.8

  • From: "Marie BAISEZ" <marie.baisez@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <jaws-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2007 10:29:26 +0100

As some sites wouldn't let me play their contence because they found my version of Winamp was too old, I updated it yesterday to 5.33. I chose the custom instal as I thought it would allow me to choose which components I installed because I knew installing the agent would mean trouble.

I installed the scripts as found on the Whitestick site.
I've checked that the scripts are loaded and they are but now, Winamp behaves very strangely. Jaws informs me on opening the programme that no windows are opened. I can read from insert+t that I am in the player window. ctrl+tab takes me to the library window but I cannot open the main window of Winamp with alt+w as instructed when I check for available hotkeys. I've checked that the skin is on classic and it is. I cannot access the main preference menu, only the one related to skins. Jaws reports unknown script. I've tried the programme with v.7 and the accessibility is even worse even though the scripts load correctly. I suspect that the Winamp screen is cluttered by the agent. How can I get rid of it? If I have to re-instal Winamp, which installation option do I have to choose to have the option of not installing the agent? Should I uninstall and go back to a previous version? in this case, which one works best with j.v.8 latest offering?Sorry for all the questions but I'm a bit frustrated here and wish now I hadn't updated winamp.
Your thoughts and comments very welcomed.
Thanks in advance,

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