[jaws-uk] Re: Webpages Not Handled BY JAWS

  • From: chris hallsworth <christopherh40@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: jaws-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2010 12:29:54 +0100

You know, I don't mind my friend using JAWS on the internet, but she hates the product in general and prefers one of the free ones. One of these days I may show her system access to go and how well it works on the web. Admittedly I don't use it that much, but now I am on high speed internet which is generally reliable I may start to. I also have a demo copy of the other screen reader, and it's quite good, but not perfect, on the web.

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On 15/06/2010 11:47, Iain Lackie wrote:
I am finding that there are webpages which are not handled by JAWS but seem to 
be handled properly by free screenreaders such as that from www.satogo.com. If 
you visit this site, you will find that with JAWS it seems to be impossible to 
play the video. Using Internet explorer 8, the Flash movie doesn't seem to be 
found and using Firefox, the movie is found but the buttons are not. It seems 
to me singularly unfortunate that a screenreader for which I do not have to pay 
can access this kind of webpage while one for which I pay a not inconsiderable 
sum has to give way before its free brethren.


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