[jaws-uk] Re: WORDVIEWS

  • From: "Marie Baisez" <marie.baisez@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2005 18:29:51 +0200

hi There,
Same here,
and some time ago there was a solution given on this list, haven't had time to implement it, try it and see if it works.
Hopefully you will find it pasted here:

One thing you could try is setting up a macro to put any document that is opened into Normal View.

In order to do this, open an existing document that is in Print View.

Press Alt + T to open the Tools menu.

Press M to open the Macro submenu.

DownArrow to Record New Macro and press Enter.

Type the name AutoOpen for the macro, and press Enter. Note that the
name of the macro is one word even if JAWS pronounces it as if it were
two; I've put a capital A and a capital O in it so that JAWS pronounces
it better.

Press Alt + V to open the View menu.

Press Enter to choose Normal.

Press Alt + T to open the Tools menu.

Press M to open the Macro submenu.

DownArrow to Stop Recording and press Enter.

You're done.  The AutoOpen macro is run every time a document is opened,
so you should find that every document appears in Normal View.

A couple of other points while I'm at it.  First is that you can add
other things to the macro that you might always want, for instance, you
could set zoom to 75%.

Second is that this macro runs on files that are opened with Control + O
or from File, Open.  If you create a new file with Control + N or from
File, New, that's a different matter.  You need a macro called AutoNew
to deal with new files.
Let us know how it goes.

Cheers now,


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Can't get word to maintain Normal View.

Changed doc from print to normal view.

Saved same doc.

Checked that the view was still normal.

Closed word.

Re-opened doc and...print view!


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