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Yeah, this is damn frustrating George.  It's happened to myself two or three 
times.  Mind you, I had just been mesing around with a network drive smiles!


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  Hi Sue,


  Regarding your first question.  The usual reasons for JAWS loosing its 
activation is because either some hardware was added, or some special utility 
software which messes about with the system or disk drives. I've seen this kid 
of thing happen with 3rd party disk defragmentation software.  Can you think of 
anything, other than perhaps a printer, which might have been connected to the 
system.  Perhaps even something like a PCMCIA sound card.




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  I've bought a new laptop which runs Vista.


  I put my version of Jaws on the machine last week which is version 9.  I 
typed in the authorisation code and the license was accepted.  A week later, I 
was asked to start the Jaws activation again which I did as Jaws was currently 
running in 40 minute demo mode.  The activation again was successful, but I'm 
wondering why I had to activate Jaws again when it's been running for a week 
without any problem.


  I'm also wondering how to read my list of contacts in Windows Mail.  I open 
up the list of contacts with control, shift C, but Jaws reads the first contact 
name and nothing after that.


  One last question I have is when shutting the machine down,  I press U for 
shut down then I have to cursor to the option I want to select, whether it be 
shutdown, restart etc.  Nothing happens when I press U for shutdown as I used 
to on the machine I had with XP.


  Sorry if I'm asking too many questions as I know very little about Vista.



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