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  • Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2004 11:18:36 -0000

Hi Tom,
That user account list seems to be in rather a strange view.  If you enter
the user account applet, Tab to where it says "Change an account", Tab once
more and you should be in a list of users. I find to be able to obtain a
full list, you need to use all 4 of your arrow keys, or at any rate Up,
down, and right. My guess is, its kind of presented on the screen as a grid
view. Someone may be able to advise us of a way this could be changed, or
perhaps describe the view in a more appropriate way.
BTW have you got your profile set to all the recommended settings (I.E.)
Classic Start menu, and Classic view in Control Panel?



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Still having some probs reading this.
Is there a way of copying one entire accounts settings and files to another?

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