[jaws-uk] Tiddy did you read Andrews reply from Freedom in my Email below?

  • From: "dorothy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" <User@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <jaws-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2006 21:01:28 -0000

Andrew emailed Freedom to ask about the  option to use black screen white
font and was  told there is no change. George on the other hand has done it
on  equipment that is not " state of the  art" in fact  a  good bit  older
than mine although I only have Jaws 4.51 . I was hoping that Steve Dryden
who told me he would ask Eric Damery for an answer to comeback to me but not
heard at all. Michael Schall Emailed me all excited as he  thinks now at
last a fix for Dorothy. I am still  confused but the person who Emailed
Andrew puts his name and is a Tech support. On the other hand the Director
of Sales is Bryan carver. I am sure you are no as confused as I am. George
says suck it and see!  I wonder then how many of you nice  kind  and helpful
folk have done that?  Incidentally my desktop stopped working and this  what
happened. I did a defrag and it was Ok in the morning I put it on and it did
not speak tome. it  sounded as if the  Tower was normal the scanner light
was on. However if I pressed key stroke I heard only ticktick, no not sticky
keys but fast tick. I turned all off and restarted it. I could see at the
top left on the  black screen words tellingme something but not what. I then
managed to get a white flash across the top bright white saying No Signal.
after another go at turning all off and back on the modem was as it should
be  and 2 little green eyes  but no music or sound of Microsoft. I did
manage for a second to get a quick flash of blue screen and the word PLEASE
in the middle and on the far left  a couple of  printed  words on their side
Red and white but gone before I could read. Tony Berry now realises it needs
a good sort out and maybe I think a clean drive as Andrew has advised. I
phoned \john Chamberlain  man still working on  the box and said something
like the tick tick sounds like  a build up of key strokes on the Buffer. Now
does this makes any sense to anyone?  One day I really hope to learn more
than problems .the Chairman of Kent Association for the Blind is still doing
his utmost to move  the I.T manager out of the office and now I think only
think mind you they are  PS. Do  you think Nigel's logo is Logo Rap? I only
ask as Flor who is taking a break for a while is writing says Rap Poetry,
black humour he said, that is if he recovered from something called
'drowning the Shamrock'  that  must be a glistening to him ! Dorothy The day
he achieves this I will cheer and others along with me i can tell you
up. Dorothy.

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