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  • Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2010 14:52:10 +0100

I  have been trying to use tab browsing but can not get it to work.
It is already to go in the internet options but just doesn't respond to the 
commands, is there somewhere in JAWS 11 where I  am supposed to turn it on?
Sorry to be thick.
cheers Kevin
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  Hi Tom, ok a couple of tips-

  Control K to duplicate a tab.

  Control T to open a new blank tab.

  Control Shift Enter on a link to open it in a new tab and Control Enter on a 
link to open it in a new window. Or was it the other way around...

  Control N to open a new window of IE8.

  Control Tab and Control Shift Tab to switch between opened tabs.

  Control Shift Q to bring up a list of opened tabs where you can arrow and 
enter to move directly to a particular tab.

  If you don't remember a shortcut don't worry, just focus on the link you want 
to open and press Application and you'll have a list of all of these options.

  The Jaws help files and IE8 help online have all this info should you want to 
refer to them later.

  Tab browsing is a brilliant idea. I'm sure you'll enjoy it thoroughly.

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    Would someone give me some tips on using this?

    Jaws 11, xp. Not always getting what I think should be available. 



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