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Hi Amro,
Thanks, really useful.


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Hi Tom, ok a couple of tips-
Control K to duplicate a tab.
Control T to open a new blank tab.
Control Shift Enter on a link to open it in a new tab and Control Enter on a
link to open it in a new window. Or was it the other way around...
Control N to open a new window of IE8.
Control Tab and Control Shift Tab to switch between opened tabs.
Control Shift Q to bring up a list of opened tabs where you can arrow and
enter to move directly to a particular tab.
If you don't remember a shortcut don't worry, just focus on the link you
want to open and press Application and you'll have a list of all of these
The Jaws help files and IE8 help online have all this info should you want
to refer to them later.
Tab browsing is a brilliant idea. I'm sure you'll enjoy it thoroughly.

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Would someone give me some tips on using this?
Jaws 11, xp. Not always getting what I think should be available. 

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