[jaws-uk] Re: Still probs with forms mode

  • From: "ROBIN CLAYDEN" <robin.clayden@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 27 Dec 2004 09:57:34 -0000

Hi Tom,

Can't help you much here, only to say, when you route jaws to pc, that's what 
it will say if your `show virtual viewer on screen' is checked by default in 
the basics section. You might want to uncheck this and try again, but 
basically, I had no problems reading my input in the fields you mentioned. Once 
I routed jfw to pc, I hit control + home and I was landed on the first 
character of what I'd typed.

The boring old regular suggestions of refreshing the screen, ensuring the page 
is maximised, or even resolution settings, might be worth fiddling with. Sorry 
can't be of much help, sounds like an onscreen  focussing problem you have.

Cheers, Robin.
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  From: Tom Reid 
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  Subject: [jaws-uk] Still probs with forms mode

  Jaws 5.1, xp pro.

  Can not read edit box character by character when forms mode on on either 
www.google.com or  www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice as examples. If forms mode on, 
jaws will announce edit and then the search text in full, but, can't get to it. 
It seems that it is misaligning the edit box. Will read text character by 
character when forms mode off. 

  When forms mode is on, if I try a route jaws, jaws will say jaws to pc, not 
virtual pc.

  Any thoughts,



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