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  • Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2005 11:18:51 +0100

Hi Joan,
What operating system do you have? I went to the jfwlite pages and
followed the instructions on installing Spybot, and I found in the
helpful hints area I think, scripts and an auto run facility which I use
regularly, and it works a treat.
Incidentally, using XP Pro by the way, I never did come across the
problem of meeting up with narrator and I have installed SB on 3
There's a page somewhere that tells you how to install it, running an
auto install.batch file once, then every time you want to check for
spyware, you just go into windows explorer, Programme files, to the
SpyBot folder and select an auto run.bat file. This scans and produces
that final page wich tells you how many problems were fixed and all you
need to do is hit the Ok button.
I set it away, take the dug to the park, and come back to hit the space
bar, easy peasy!
Cheers, Robin.

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        Hi, Folks,
        I'm looking for a good spyware program as I don't really want to
use Spybot, being unwilling to have to use Narrator to get past the
first stages. Incidentally, when will FS decide to give us scripts for
        I am finding so many threats with Ad-aware that I feel there
must be plenty of spyware on my PC too.
        Any help would be gratefully received.
        Best wishes,

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