[jaws-uk] Re: SAGE accounting: was "Off Topic: New Christian group"

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Hi Amie,
I almost`hesitate to suggest it, but your friend's best
course of action is probably to take the issue up with
someone at RNIB who is conversant with the DDA.
It seems to me rather strange that we can produce V.I.
students with maths and science degrees, and yet fail on
something as basic as accountancy - which is not exactly
rocket science".


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Hi again, thank you for those responses.  This accounts
thing really is a huge problem, and the shortage of VI
accounts bod's is self-fulfilling, isn't it?  A friend of
mine is in the process of losing his job because he cannot
access the compulsory accounting exams which are a part of
the development program he's on.  His PhD cannot,
apparently, save him from this.  Within my own small
business I chicken out and let my partner do the accounts -
struggling about with Excel, when I have to.  It makes me a
bit cross, but then, so do most things... does anyone see
light at the end of the accounting tunnel?  

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        Hi Amie,
        Regarding Sage & RNIB.  They are using a version of
Sage used mostly in major organisations.  Moreover, they are
using a special "charities" module of Sage.  And added to
that, are certain customised areas where Sage has been
adapted to suit special accounting requirements within RNIB.
        We must also bear in mind that Sage have a number of
products ranging from their low cost "Instant Accounts" for
small businesses where there is only one user, up to
versions designed for organisations with literally thousands
of users.  There are also many customised add-ons produced
by 3rd party companies.
        I think over overall problem is that there are not
many visually impaired or blind accounts and bookkeepers
around, and therefore the question of accessibility has been
fairly low key.
        As regards religious postings, you are quite
correct.  This list is not for such discussions, although I
am prepared to allow the occasional announcement of things
which may be of interest to JAWS users generally.
        George Bell


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        Hi all - thank you for all the stuf about accounts,
to which I am glued!  Wondering why the RNIB's commissioned
scripts to access Sage haven't become a product for
everyone; is it just because they're RNIB?  Maybe I have the
wrong end of the stick...?  Also, hope I'm not speaking out
of turn but I'd rather learn about JAWS issues on this list
- not religiosity.  Hope it isn't going to be a habit.  Back
into my box I go now :)

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