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This is done by placing the cursor in the table - don't select it - and then
presspressing Alt and A. this brings up the table menu which you pres the UP
arrow key to navigate until you hear table properties. You then press enter,
scroll to borders and make sure none are checked. Also on the main table
menu, moving upwards, there is an option that says hide gridlines.


If I've made any booboos I apologise - I've done this fairly recently so I'd
expect to be ok at it, but if there are any mistakes I'll run over it again.






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Using Office XP Professional and Jaws 5.1.

Can someone please save my sanity?  

I have created a table in word, but for the life of me I cannot recall how to
remove gridlines.

I would be grateful if someone could remind me how to do this.

Many thanks.


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