[jaws-uk] Problems with jaws eight.

  • From: "martin wilsher" <m.wilsher@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <jaws-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2007 20:13:40 -0000

Hi List:
I hope this message strikes a nerve somewhere so I can get things resolved.
I cannot install jaws eight on my xp system.  When I do, I either have no
speech, partial speech or menus that do not speak.  Playing with videio
intercept does nothing, and even uninstalling jaws eight is a problem as it
takes previous versions of jaws with it and screws my system.  I have tried
all the versions of jaws eight with the same results.  I notice that
previous versions of jaws do not cause this issue.  I can install them with
no problems.  I have had s and s technical support look into this, and they
have made little progress so far.  I am frustrated, and becoming angry with
the situation as it seems jaws is broken finally and I don't see why I
should keep paying for a product that is continually busted and then fixed,
then busted again.  Any thoughts on why a computer using jaws seven point 1
five double zero with no problems should fail to speak when jaws eight,
doesn't matter what version, they're all failing to speak properly or not at
all when installed using default settings, should act like this?  Xp sp2
with sound max digital audio card and nvideea graphics card.  This setup
works fine with versions of jaws prior to eight, but will not work with
eight.  I am frustrated and furious, as I am paying for a product in my SMA
that I cannot use.  Freedom scientific demand sma payment so fast it's

Thanks for any feeddback, even if it's to tell me to go to window eyes,
which I'm considering.  If companies in the real world produced a product
like jaws, they'd be put out of business sharpish I think.  In my view It is
only because we screen reader users have little choice of where to go that
we put up with this mess.

Hope to hear from you soon.

From Martin.

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