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I use Play a lot myself and I have found it quite slow and a bit of a
nuisance. It worked a lot better thought when I disabled the Flash Player
which I think causes a lot of the problems.

Press Insert + 6 to open the JAWS Configuration Manager. Press Alt to open
the menu. Right Arrow across to Set Options and then Down Arrow to HTML
Options. Press Enter. Press Shift + Tab and then Right Arrow across to the
Misc Tab. Press Tab until you get to the Ignore Flash On Web Pages box which
you should use the Spacebar to uncheck. Tab around to the Okay Button and
press Enter.

Sorry if you have already done this and if you haven't, it will improve
things. No doubt someone will know a quicker way of doing this as I am
famous for taking the long way around things.

Good luck.

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  I am using JAWS V7 and XP Home and am having trouble negotiating the
Play.Com website.  When I cursor down the list of categories on the front
screen, JAWS seems to read one or two categories and then stops talking for
at least 30 seconds.  It them comes back and reads perhaps another one or
two categories and then goes quiet again.

  Once I click on a category, it is a bit hit and miss but seems to get a
bit better the more you go into the site.  I it something I'm doing or does
anyone else have this problem with this particular site?



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